Why TokenAdvisors 2017-08-03T12:15:55+00:00

TokenAdvisors is the foundation of our service suite. A forward-centric way of approaching startup fundraising, organic business escalation or investing into underserved but high growth sectors, we’re your partner in every way.

We curate product and service offerings that change the way business is done. By eliminating the middleman, we’ve taken away the reason why many businesses fail and are frustrated.

Connecting you end-to-end with your intended market or user, we make it easier for you to focus on what’s important – your business.

The beauty of Token Advisors finance and technology is the security through its embedded distributed ledger set-up. Each transaction is recorded, inalterable and locked in blocks, so the value of what you hold is always transparent and available to you.

Hard to counterfeit, no unintended doubling, and designed to trigger the issue of smart contracts as and when you want and need – it takes away time wasted waiting for intermediaries, and gives you back true value: time.

By providing immediate access to capital for startups; and for investors, the straight-through line to digital assets, ICOs bring innovations much more efficiently to-market.